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  1. You say cannabis, I say skunk

    In one of those moments of extreme clarity you have when mildly stoned and everything makes perfect sense, so you’re in the mood to ask deeply philosophical questions, have you ever wondered where we get all those different names for cannabis? Have you even wondered why it is called cannabis? Well for those of you who are as interested in what we call this drug as you are enjoying the effects of it, here’s some utterly useful information you can use to bore the shit out of someone next time you’re both stoned

    Cannabis – the original name for the drug, dates back to the times of ancient Greece and the word ‘kannabis (κάνναβις)’ and then the Latin ‘cannabis’. This is the name that was given to the hemp plant and which has a historical background for both its medicinal properties as well as its soporific effect. It is well documented that hem

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  2. Is all cannabis the same?

    A politician’s answer to this question would be “Yes and no” or “It depends what you mean by ‘cannabis’”. However, we are not politicians, so we’ll try to make things a little clearer.

    Not all cannabis is the same, but it is all derived from one of three species of the plant – cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. These three strains are subspecies of the genus cannabis sativa, which is native to the Indian sub-continent and Central Asia.

    Now, here’s where it gets a little more complicated. Most of the cannabis that is smoked comes from hybrid plants created from both cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The main reason for the hybridisation of the plant is because the principal effect of smoking cannabis sativa is euphoria, while that of cannabis indica is relaxing. You can get pure indica, which is often taken as an evening or nighttime smoke, while

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